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8% of companies have fired someone for Facebook idiocy

When we’re in college, we can do whatever we want on Facebook. Then we get hired. Nobody explains how the rules are different or what’s acceptable and professional. The change in culture, plus the lack of information, is what causes trouble for the employee and employer.

Here’s a great article with the details from Mashable and an example from TheNextWeb:


All companies need to create a social media training program.

image You need to do more than just create a set of rules or file a policy in a drawer. You need to make sure all employees understand:

  • How the rules of employee behavior still apply to social media
  • The lines between personal and professional social media messages
  • The rules of social media ethics in marketing

If you don’t know how to do this at your company, join the Social Media Business Council. We just had a half-day meeting on the topic, and our members will help you out. You don’t need to figure this out on your own.

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