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A fantastic job ad

Recruiting great people is a marketing job.  That  job will be a heck of a lot easier if you write a word-of-mouth-worthy ad.  Great copy gets forwarded by smart people, and finds smart people who are attracted to great copy.

The following is from this ad for Wieden + Kennedy London. It’s interesting without being over the top

Innovative Comms Thinker

What is the role?

The role has three key parts:

Development of communication ideas and strategy. Working with the broad team (client, account team, creatives, planner, producers) to develop communication ideas and a strategy for a range of clients. The role is to operate as a champion and master of media channels (and the perfect use of them) – inspire the client with the opportunities and convince them of the value in committing to a genuinely creative communication plan.

Inspire the agency. In particular the creatives, be prepared to share your knowledge in a way that will get them excited and thinking differently. This is a regular everyday contribution to the culture and understanding of the agency.

Get involved in the production. Where we are recommending new and innovative ideas, be involved in finding the right partners and helping the producers/project managers internally to work effectively in realising each opportunity.

What kind of person?

Someone interesting and interested. Interesting because of what they do with their lives (hobbies, interests, activities, point of view). You know that stuff really matters to me, but it also matters to everyone else here. It’s a family here and it’s good to know that people will contribute something by being who they are. Interested because the best person will be the self starter. Interested in communication innovation (be that technology or just new opportunities), willing to educate themselves and then share that

It’s just really important that the person is a fully rounded comms genius!

If you think you meet the criteria above please contact Simon Summerscales, [email protected].

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