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Email: Choices = happiness

I love email marketing (when done well).  Email is the only kind of advertising that people ask for.

There are a ton of best practices that most marketers miss that will make your emails more effective.  One of my favorites:

Add choices to the unsubscribe page.

Most unsubscribe links are an all-or-nothing deal. Take our newsletter, when we send it, or get nothing at all.  This annoys the reader, and hurts the marketer.

Why not offer a choice?  Would you like to get our email less often?  Would you like a different newsletter instead?  When you do this, you keep a huge percentage of subscribers who would have walked out the door.

Here’s an example from

In the email: "To temporarily suspend, reduce the
frequency of, or permanently cancel, these emails, click here".

You get this page:


It’s still easy to get off the list, but I bet they keep a ton of subscribers with these options

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