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A fascinating new marketing screenplay

imageYour corporate culture, your brand, and the love of your customers are intimately woven together. These are the ideas that make companies special, that make them grow, that turn them from marketed commodities into things we care about.

John Moore is one of the big thinkers in the intersection of corporate culture and word of mouth. You’ll love his blog and his ideas on the topic.

Now he’s delivered something really special.

A year ago I was at an Austin BBQ with John and he pulls out an envelope. He gives me a mischievous look and pulls out a screenplay. Not another business book — the first business screenplay. Or, as he calls it, “A business book masquerading as a screenplay.”

It’s a screenplay based on the rise and fall of a global coffee company (based on John’s years at a place you may know).

It’s full of priceless business lessons.

It’s a great read.

I highly recommend you buy a copy of Tough Love. You’ll read it in one sitting and be using what you learn the next day.


P.S. A little more from John, from our last Word of Mouth Supergenius conference:

How to Create Buzzworthy Topics — presented by John Moore from GasPedal on Vimeo.

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