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Old Spice: Turning a one-time viral hit into a long-term social media campaign

Imagine what it would take to make 53,660,116 people wake up, call a buddy, and say “Dude … let’s watch deodorant commercials today!”

Old Spice has a hit TV commercial that went viral big time. Read my post about it. Most companies would run a few more TV ads and try to milk the fad until it fades away.

Old Spice is taking it to the next level: People who tweet about the campaign get a personal video response from the actor in the commercial. Which gets more tweets. Which sends more people to YouTube. And then they share it. Watch the videos here.

The secret to making viral content:

  1. GREAT CONTENT – The videos are funny, they’re original, they make you laugh. Nothing else matters if the content isn’t fantastic.
  2. A REASON TO COME BACK – Adding fresh videos every day got 90,000 people to subscribe to the Old Spice YouTube channel. Each new video launches with a head start from a  pre-existing fan base.
  3. A REASON TO SHARE – Personal responses get retweets. How can you not share it?

Take a look:

On Twitter, @NHLBlackhawks wrote “@OldSpice What would you do on a day with the Stanley Cup?:

On Twitter, @Gillette wrote “@OldSpice what’s up my friend…big fan :)”

On Twitter, @GStephanopoulos wrote “@OldSpice Hey Old Spice Man — Political question: President’s lost some female support. How does WH get those women voters back?”

On Twitter, @Alyssa_Milano wrote “Ummm — Are you sitting down??? Sit down. Ready? The @oldspice guy sent me roses!”

On Twitter, @mrskutcher wrote “Old Spice Guy- I want a special video response wow!!!!”

On Twitter, huffingtonpost wrote “Old Spice Guy Makes Hilarious Personalized Videos For Fans

Watch them all here

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