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A rare moment of corporate transparency

Chicagoist released a unique video today — Sam Zell talking to the management team of the Chicago Tribune.  It’s fascinating for lots of reasons, including a look at how a takeover artist talks to his new company, how the Trib is dealing with the changing/collapsing newspaper industry, and how any company faces rough times.

But most of all, it’s amazing that such a video exists – and that it is available for all of us to watch.  It is an amazing comment on openness and transparency in the corporate world. Transparency isn’t about showing the good stuff – it’s about showing the real stuff.

Assuming they approved the release … major kudos. Only good can come from this sort of public trust.

If it is an unauthorized leak … let it be a lesson to all companies that everything you say is on the record.


Sam Zell’s Talk at the Chicago Tribune from margaret on Vimeo.

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