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Aha! #2: Great Ideas from Debbie Curtis-Magley of UPS

We hosted a cool event last October called BlogWell: How Big Businesses Use Social Media. Some amazingly great ideas  were shared by some very large companies, and I wanted to share them with you. 

We're doing it again on January 22 in Chicago. Hear social media case studies from Allstate, H&R Block, The Home Depot, Mayo Clinic, Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Sharpie and the U.S. Coast Guard. Learn more.

Debbie's big idea: Engage company receptionists to help monitor online conversations when automated services fall short.

Debbie Curtis-Magley learned early on that there were limitations with automated social media monitoring services; many of them could not distinguish between UPS (the shipping company) and other posts that contained search terms like "pushups" and "meetups."  So Debbie identified a "secret" ally right at UPS: the company's receptionists.  Not only are they at their computer for much of the day, but they love to help people out.  Each staffer receives one topic to monitor per day and are asked to spend about an hour per day actively monitoring.  While it doesn't catch every conversation, the method does return a fairly representative sample of what conversations are taking place about the brand.

Watch Debbie's video:

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