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Aha! #7: Great Ideas from Hilary Weber of Kaiser Permanente

We hosted a cool event last October called BlogWell: How Big Businesses Use Social Media. Some amazingly great ideas were shared by some very large companies, and I wanted to share them with you. 

We're doing it again on January 22 in Chicago. Hear social media case studies from Allstate, H&R Block, The Home Depot, Mayo Clinic, Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Sharpie and the U.S. Coast Guard. Learn more.

Hilary's big idea: It's easy to find content for a blog.  You're probably already doing it.

When Kaiser Permanente started a blog, the company needed to find a way to talk about issues that mattered and supported the brand.  Instead of tackling medical issues, which would be problematic for a health care company operating in such a heavily regulated industry, Hilary worked with a doctor already writing an email newsletter about healthy living.  Not only was it easier to start from here rather than from scratch, but it was easy to convert it into a blog format and gave KP a fresh source of content from the get-go.

Watch Hilary's video:

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