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A Super Bowl ad is not what you need

Denny’s traffic is down 8.8% for the quarter.  So they're going to buy a SuperBowl ad.

This isn't going to work.

Everyone knows Denny’s.  They have 90% top-of-mind brand awareness.  There is nothing you can say in 30 seconds that will make a single person decide to jump up and run to a Denny’s.

Here’s what I would do with the $3 million:

  1. Create an amazingly fun kid’s gift bag. Trump the Happy Meal with a 10-toy package. Kids will demand that their parents take them there.
  2. Become a community center.  Example: Offer to host Boy and Girl Scout meetings in local restaurants.  Throw in a free pie.
  3. Have a national post-prom party.  (Everyone is headed there anyway.)
  4. Offer monthly blood pressure testing and flu shots for seniors.  Do it at 10 AM.
  5. Have “date night” deals once a month. Partner with a babysitting service.
  6. Sponsor, which organizes 2,000 local gatherings every day. Offer to pay 100,000 organizers’ $12 fee if they move their event to Denny’s.
  7. Give 1,000,000 $3 discount coupons to local movie theaters, so moviegoers drop by for dessert after a show.
  8. Host breakfasts at trade shows and conventions.  Remind the world how great their breakfasts are.
  9. Host midnight breakfasts at bars and nightclubs.
  10. Give $3 million people a $1 bill.
  11. Give 1,000 $3,000 donations to local charities.
  12. Give $3 million in bonuses to waiters for increased customer satisfaction.
  13. Mop all the floors.

What would you do?

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