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Aha! #9: It’s easy to be ethical

We hosted a cool event last October called BlogWell: How Big Businesses Use Social Media. Some amazingly great ideas were shared by some very large companies, and I wanted to share them with you. 

We're doing it again on January 22 in Chicago. Hear social media case studies from Allstate, H&R Block, The Home Depot, Mayo Clinic, Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Sharpie and the U.S. Coast Guard. Learn more.

My big idea: Disclosure is easy.

At BlogWell, I presented an overview of best practices in disclosure and gave a high-level introduction to the Blog Council's Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit.  This is something I'm very passionate about because so many people make this much harder than it really is.  Basically, it comes down to simple honesty.  Just say who you are, don't fuzz the line, and don't trick people.  If you have to ask yourself if something is okay, it probably isn't.

Watch my video:

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