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Are You a Saint or the Anti-Christ?

That was the amazing subject line I got in an email from my friend and fellow author Greg Stielstra.  It got me reading.  The email also explains how to use quizzes as a word of mouth marketing tactic.

It’s good advice, so I reproduced the entire email here:


Take the Faith-Based Marketing Quiz I just posted to my blog and find out how much you know about marketing to America's 140 million weekly churchgoers.  If you think your readers might get a kick out of it, then please mention it in your blog.

By the way, this quiz is a word-of-mouth tactic. This ten-question quiz does several things.

  1. It helps people realize they need the book.  People think they know more about topics than they typically do.  Flunking this quiz helps people realize they're not the experts they thought and that reading my book might be a good idea.
  2. It gives people something to talk about.  It provides them with information they may not know and if they didn't know it then they're friends may not know it either.  This allows people to have some fun by stumping their friends with questions from the quiz which also creates the opportunity for a WOM event concerning the book.
  3. It gives them something to brag about.  People are competitive.  Give them a quiz and they'll encourage their friends to take it so they can compare scores…and brag about beating them if they can.
  4. It provides content for the social web.  It's fun, and not overtly promotional so I expect many bloggers will pick up on it and reproduce the quiz all over the web.
  5. It starts the discussion surrounding our book four months before it hits stores.  This is important since most books only have about 45 days to prove themselves at retail.  By starting now, we build a conversation that may reach its zenith just about the time the book arrives.

Thanks in advance for whatever you decide to do with this.

Greg Stielstra
Author: PyroMarketing and Faith-Based Marketing

Try the quiz.

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