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Amazing Internships – Chicago Students – Pass it On

You can be a Blogging, Social Media, MySpace, YouTube, Viral, Word of Mouth SUPERGENIUS

Everyone will want to hire you.

Here’s the deal: We need someone to be our intern. There will be a ton of shitwork. You will be exhausted.

But … you will sit next to the CEO and senior executives. We will teach you everything. When you pick up the phone, it just might be Seth Godin or the head of marketing or social media for P&G, GM, or Dell. You will become a rock star with badass contacts. We will find you a job when you graduate.

How to apply: Blow my mind.


How To Be A Good Intern

image Check out this fantastic poster from design agency Number 17. (Click for a close-up.)

We’re taking fall internships at GasPedal.  If you’re still in school in Chicago, here’s the deal:

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