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Reward your talkers

imageI like to buy CDs from–$2.99 and no wasteful packaging.

Last time I bought a few albums I mentioned it on Twitter.  Guess what?  They refunded my payment and sent the discs free.

This is a great lesson in making your fans happy and encouraging word of mouth:

  • Surprise! An unexpected gift is 10x more powerful than an earned reward. Earn=work. Gift=fun.
  • After, not before.  They thanked me after I made the referral, they didn’t tell me to do it. I never would have signed up for an affiliate program or a referral program.
  • Thanks, not incentives.  Thanking fans is different than paying for referrals. No one wants to be a salesperson, everyone appreciates being recognized.
  • You get the behavior you encourage. Reward those who do what you want and they’ll do it again.
  • Choose you talkers. Encourage people who have an audience. I’m not an everyday customer, I talk to lots of people.

Thanks, Craig!

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