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Andy Sernovitz & Seth Godin Free Teleconference Nov 7, 1pm ET

Nov. 7, live and free:  Join me with Seth and Rich Sloan as part of Seth’s audio book tour. Full details here

Hear Seth Godin, Rich Sloan and Andy Sernovitz Reveal Why It’s More Productive, Powerful and Profitable To Be a Leader! 

Today, you have an opportunity — a chance to make a difference and to lead others while doing it. It’s easier, more fun and more profitable than you think. But, only if you choose to lead instead of follow… 

On Friday, November 7th at 1pm Eastern Time, meet NY Times bestselling author, Seth Godin, and learn why it’s more profitable, powerful and productive to be a leader rather than to sit back and do nothing. You’ll discover why you already have the skills you need to make an incredible difference and how you can start leading right now

You’ll not only hear from Seth, but get to hear from two inspiring leaders who know exactly what it means to effectively lead a tribe: 

  • Rich Sloan, co-author of Startup Nation and founder of 
  • Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing and creator of Word of Mouth Marketing Association

Register free.

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