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Make people feel special

image Jim Kukral makes a crazy offer when you sign up for the email newsletter on his blog, the Daily Flip

On your birthday, he’ll send you a video of him singing happy birthday to you.

Simple, silly, fun, and effective.  Subscribe rates up 300% and with 95% of the people who do sign up giving their birth date.

Why does it work?

Because most sites are boring, everyone loves personal attention, and Jim solves both problems with one great idea.

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Make people feel special and they talk about you

image Word of mouth needs conversation starters.  It’s not enough to have an interesting conversation – you need triggers that spark new conversations again and again.

An awesome example is the Fatburger "Triple King Challenge" where customers compete to eat an absurd 1.5 pounds of meat.  That is a good, fun, buzzworthy promotion.

But here is the fantastic execution that results in much more word of mouth:

  1. Winners get a certificate of achievement. Every time a friend sees it, another conversation starts at the office or the dorm.
  2. Every winner gets a t-shirt and bumper sticker, starting conversations on the street.
  3. Every winner gets their picture on the wall in the store.  That’s a reason to talk, to brag, and to bring in your friends to see it.

Lesson: A few extra, inexpensive touches turn a single recommendation into a word of mouth phenomenon.

Watch my video interview with Peter Morrell from FatBurger:


Watch Rusty Sanchez compete in the Triple King Challenge and talk with his friends about the recognition and the photos. Be sure to watch the last minute.


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