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Are you a band, a record label, or a DJ?

A band creates great songs.

A record label sells them.

A DJ mixes it all up and gives us the best of the best.

It’s a great metaphor for where we are with changing media.  Bands (authors, artists, writers, etc.) will always create great stuff, because that is what they do. Record labels (newspapers, TV networks, publishers) will keep trying to use old school marketing to get us to consume what makes them the most money.  DJs (bloggers, people who post reviews, and anyone on a social network) will keep sharing their favorites.

It’s more fun to listen to a great DJ. There are now more DJs out there than marketers. Everyone is a DJ.

— Inspired by David Cushman at /message:

… But we are not DJs who only select finished versions to play. We are DJs who remix what we listen to as we play it back, scratching and creating our own versions, rapping over them, adding a melody… removing a bass line. And the music never ends. You hear my iteration, play it, remix it, layer more tracks on it and share it. I rediscover it and feed it into the tune I was playing. … The music we select, share, shape and import back into our ongoing mix helps shape what we are. … The never-ending remix may (may?) start with bloggers but extends to everyone who participates in the networked world. The DJ is no more important than the listener here. It applies not only to ideas, but also to messages, services… products. Everyone is a DJ now. And everyone is making the music. The remixer adds as much value as the originator and as the player.

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