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Are you giving your fans the tools to show their love for you?

ambassador-cardsMarker’s Mark Ambassadors love to show off their affiliation with the company. So Maker’s gives every ambassador a set of business cards to carry.

Each of those handouts is a high-value word of mouth referral. There are tons of legendary stories of proud ambassadors using the cards to show off their whisky expertise, to start conversations about the product, and even for the occasional pickup in a bar.

The secret: Every ambassador gets 10 cards. They are more likely to share them, to show them off, and to hand them out than if they only had one fancy card. (They’re business cards, not membership cards.)

And when the cards are gone — the company gives you templates to print as many as you want.

One design, mail-merge, and a laser printer. This is a really easy, inexpensive way to energize fans, with a big impact.

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