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Ask for permission, don’t force it

imageI signed up to get a free chapter of a book. Buried in the fine print was, “you agree to allow us to contact you and provide information on products and services”. So they want to spam me.

Permission has to be given willingly. Reluctant permission is bad permission.

If someone doesn’t realize that they’re signing up for a list, they’re a bad lead. They won’t remember giving permission when they get your emails. So they’ll hate you for spamming them.

What an easy way to ruin your brand.

This would be so much more effective if they added a check box to ask if you wanted info. Those folks that check the box will be happy to learn about buying. They’re good leads.

You decide:

  • A smaller number of good leads that want to hear from you
  • A lot of people who hate you, but you hope that a few of them will buy despite the fact that you’re being sleazy with permission
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