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Fire the D-grunts, save the Gomos

NO GOMOSSam Parker reports that

  • 29 out of 100 of us are engaged (Smovers: people who smile & move)
  • 54 of 100 are not engaged (Gomos: people who go through the motions)
  • 17 of 100 are actively disengaged (D-grunts: people who are disgruntled)

Fire the disgruntled immediately. They are poison in your company.

Try to save the Gomos. Give them the tools, the training, and the chance to get enthusiastic. But only one chance. You have an obligation to give everyone an opportunity to be great — but no obligation to give them a second one.

Over time, the Gomos pile up and weigh you down. Let them go or the whole operation slows to a halt.

You owe it to the dedicated enthusiasts who have fun at work to surround them with greatness. (And maybe you can help everyone else find a new place that they can get truly passionate about.)

(I highly recommend Sam’s book Smile & Move.)

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