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Banning social media at work

A new poll from Ragan Communications says that 30% or so of PR departments block access to social media sites at the office.  (Read it here.)

How very 1950’s!  Gee, Biff … make sure the employees aren’t making too many personal calls.

My personal take:

  • If you’re worried about goofing off, it’s not caused by Facebook:  There will always be a way to goof off.
  • If you’re worried about company secrets leaking out:  Everyone already has a phone, email, IM, etc. If someone is going to leak, they will leak.
  • If you expect people to work for you after hours, they need to replace it with personal stuff during work hours.

Most important: 

  • You can not be a competent PR executive any more without a deep familiarity with everything social media.  Media coverage is now driven by social media, not press releases. 
  • The only way your staff can be competent in these tools is to play with them. A lot.
  • Clients will flee when they discover how ignorant your team is.
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