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I got the usual flood of holiday cards to the office. Dull, dull, dull.

1 in 50 was remarkable.  Some at least had custom designs.  Most came right out of the generic catalog.

Why bother?

For all the labor you put into the annual cards, you could do something much more interesting to connect with your clients.  Generic holiday cards can actually be damaging to your reputation if you’re supposed to be a creative agency with great ideas.

  • Try a SquidNote – everyone in the office can sign an amazing ecard.
  • We turn business cards into luggage tags all year long.
  • Send a pizza to your favorite clients
  • David Spark sent 325 video cards to his clients.
  • Send Valentine’s day cards instead.
  • Send a gazillion hand-written thank-you notes instead.

Lesson #1:  Every communications is a marketing opportunity.  You need to make it count. 

Lesson #2:  Have a personality.

What are some of the best ideas you saw this year?

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