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BBQ Report #1: Austin

The blood in my veins is 50% Memphis, Tennessee … which means it’s barbeque sauce.  Specifically, Rendezvous or Cozy Corner sauce.

And I married a vegetarian.  This is awkward at times, especially when I need to talk about the glories of well-cooked dead creatures (yum). So I’m going to talk to you’ll about it on occasion instead.

I spent one night in Austin and managed to eat three barbecue meals.  Texas style = mostly beef, served with onions and jalapenos on the side.

#1: Rudy’s, which advertises itself as the "worst barbecue in Texas".  Delicious.  Spicy sauce with lots of black pepper.  A definite yes.  Bring breath mints.  (Rudy … send sauce, I’ll keep blogging about it.)

#2:  Harlon’s  (in the Austin airport).  Ok, nothing special.  They get a free pass because maybe it was just the airport location.  But the sauce was ketchupy.

#3:  Salt Lick (also in the airport).  A+.  Great tangy sauce, totally unique.  Turkey and beef were both awesome.  I had this once before in Austin and have been waiting months to go back.  It lived up to expectations.  Confession: I ate the Harlon’s meal.  Wasn’t satisfied.  Walked over to Salt Lick and immediately ordered and ate a jumbo combo platter.  Another thing I don’t talk to my wife about.  Salt Lick gets my highest form of praise:  I bought the sauce.  One of the best foods you’ll ever eat in a airport.

Please comment, debate, send recommendations.

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