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Lapel Pins: Super simple, old-school word of mouth

I love lapel pins.  They are cheap, easy to share, and easy to show off.  If you’re part of an organization you need to make sure everyone has one.

When someone walks around with your lapel pin, they become a walking word of mouth machine.  Every personal interaction advertises your group, and every interaction carries the implied endorsement of the wearer.  It’s high-grade word of mouth.

One of the most important rules of WOM is making it easy for your fans to tell a friend.  A box of 50 cent pins does the trick. 

Here’s a good article from Caryn Smith of Lapel Pins R Us.

Here’s me in my WOMMA pin.  With a cool $2 tie I got at the top secret employee-only outlet store in the basement of the Lands’ End headquarters.

0799And, to prove my case even further, here I am with Bob Garfield, host of NPR’s On The Media, who was so impressed with the pin that he decided to stand next to me for at least 15 sec.  Or he needed a light.

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