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Be an advocate for your customers

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Fantastic customer service is a huge opportunity for word of mouth marketing. Show them you care, and they’ll appreciate you and talk about you. But what if you took that kind of service one step further by becoming an advocate for your customers?

Phone system provider Grasshopper does just that with their “Tell Us Your Story” form. They ask their clients for information about how many employees they have, what makes their business unique, and which blogs they’d love to appear in. Then they turn that information into a reason to put the spotlight on them.

WOM Tip #198: Grasshopper form

Grasshopper uses these stories to feature their clients on their Happy Customers page or to get them press coverage. In fact, they even managed to get one of them quoted in The New York Times. That’s a great way to not only do something awesome for your customers, but also to build stronger relationships by learning more about them.

Make your word of mouth story about your customers, and they’ll be more than happy to tell everyone about you, too.

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