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Free Underpants!


Fruit of the Loom gave away 5,000 pairs of new briefs to people on LinkedIn who got a new job in a fun campaign called Fresh Gigs.

This is a stellar word of mouth promotion. Why?

1. It’s worth talking about. You’re going to share this story, if you get the briefs or if you just hear about it.

2. They reach people who already have strong networks. Targeting LinkedIn users ensures that they get to people who have viral potential.

3. It was super-easy and cheap. You never know when word of mouth will work. So try lots of easy stunts instead of investing it all in one expensive long-shot.

4. Scale it up when it works. You can always make it bigger if it works. The original offer was 5,000 pairs. They upped it to 25,000 when people started responding.

5. Happy! Viral doesn’t need to be snarky or weird. Make people smile. Free underpants!

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