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Bloggers at Sea

image I’ll be spending a night on the USS Nimitz at the end of the month with 15 major bloggers.  Scary = we’re flying to the ship mid-ocean, landing on the deck.

Stay tuned for a lot more detail as I share the story on this blog.  I look forward to getting to know what life is like for the thousands who live and work in this floating city.

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki, who set up the trip. Read about his visit to the USS Stennis.  The other participants are Charlene Li, Beth Blecherman, Jennifer Leo, Jenny Lawson, Pamela Slim, Penelope Trunk, Jennifer Van Grove. Jennifer Jones, Guy Kawasaki, Bill Reichert, Jefferson Wagner, Robert Scoble, Mike Arrington, and Steve Wozniak.

The first lesson is one I’ve shared before:  If you want bloggers to write about you, just ask.  Invite them over to see what you do.  It works for the Navy & Marines, for all sorts of companies, and it will work for you.  Here’s a detailed plan for Molson’s blogger outreach day. Don’t make it too complicated — just invite folks to see what you do.

(Here are all the related posts about the trip.)

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