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Try it. You’ll like it (and tell everyone).

Sampling is a key element of word of mouth marketing. 

People rarely tell their friends about something they've never tried.  If they do mention it, they don't have anything useful to say.  Without a sample all you can do is mention that you heard about it.  If you tried it, you can talk features, quality, and experience.

This is why it's hard to create word of from traditional advertising.  Saying "did you see that ad for ___" is not nearly as powerful as "I just tried it … you have to try it."

Here's an example:  Rachel's Dairy donated their unbelievably good yogurt to the TED conference. I ate two gallons. It showed up in my local grocery store. I got the family hooked.  We ordered a case for the office. They are telling their friends. Now I'm blogging it.

The difference between hearing about something and experiencing something: Emotion. Emotional word of mouth is better word of mouth.

Lesson: Give it away to start the conversation.

P.S. This works for information and services, not just products.

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