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Blogs are your best search marketing investment

imageimageType "Jeremiah" into Google. 

You'll get Jeremiah (the Biblical Prophet), Jeremiah (the TV show), and Jeremiah Owyang, the blogger from Forrester (who may or may not be a prophet – look at the pictures and decide.)

imageOwyang is #5 in Google. 

Before you spend a nickel on search marketing, try assigning one employee to blog 2-3 paragraphs of good advice every day.  You'll get great search placement — and priceless credibility. Even better, search links stop when you stop paying. Links to your blog are a permanent promotion.  Remember, if it stops when you stop paying, it's advertising. If it keeps going, it's word of mouth marketing.

Results are typical – why do you think more than a few of the top 10 search results for "word of mouth marketing" point to something I do?

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