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BtoB vs BtoC: Don’t gouge me at work and expect me to buy at home

I use Peapod for grocery delivery at home.  It's a great service, and the $5 charge is worth it for the time I save.

So we started stocking the fridge at work. We're spending $100/week. 

Then I found out that they charge $17 for a business delivery. Feels like a rip-off.

Now I'm pissed and I canceled my home and office delivery. They just lost a $10,000 customer.

The reverse is true for the office supply giants who are not nearly as helpful or friendly when making home-office deliveries. Our office supply vendor lost a lot of money because they hassled me about a delivery to my home office. We get it all from Amazon now.

Lesson: Your business and consumer customers are the same people. You have to treat them well anywhere they feel like buying. 

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