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Building bridges at GEL

CIMG2869 The Mark Hurst’s Good Experience Live conference is an amazing collection of big-vision/big-thinker speakers that open up your mind and get you thinking creatively.

The first day of the event is full of activities to loosen you up and open your mind.  Tours of cheese shops, city tours, and other things that most of us over-scheduled execs never bother with. 

A forced day of play worked.  It got me to stop explicitly thinking about work and start thinking.  (Of course, that’s exactly what I needed to let my subconscious start thinking about work.)

I built bridges out of sticks with Make Magazine editor Bill Gurstelle and Etsy video producer Bre Pettis

Here is the videos of our final bridge tests:

(Yes, our bridge was an architectural disaster. But fun!)

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