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Will it blend?

Will it Blend is the viral phenomenon of the year.

These simple videos from Blendtec have made them famous. Results include a 500% increase in sales and amazing search engine placement. 

Now they won a Clio Award.  Viral agencies that charge six figures for a campaign must be cringing at this proof that great viral content isn’t about production values, it’s about authenticity. The Will It Blend campaign cost $50.

Here’s my interview with Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson:

(I asked him to blend my book, but he said that paper doesn’t work so well.)

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Will it blend?

This is so good.

Blendtec, makers of high-end blenders, have created an amazing, buzzworthy site:

They grind up iPhones, glowsticks, golf balls, and more. It’s a ton of fun, incredibly viral, and well-done. 

Most important: It’s relevant. It showcases the product and demonstrates it’s key selling proposition.

So many viral stunts are stupid or irrelevant to the product, features, or brand message.  The goal isn’t just to get people to forward your message — it’s to sell products.

My only critique: It’s hard for users to put the videos on their blogs. You have to find the video on YouTube, you can’t just grab it from this site. This probably costs them 50% of the potential word of mouth.

(Thanks to Shareef Mahdavi for the tip.)

Watch them blend an iPhone:

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