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Buy one, give one, send 5 bucks

I’ve written before about how I’m a big fan of how Adagio Teas uses simple offers to get great word of mouth.  They may have the best word of mouth execution of any site I’ve seen — learn from them.  Here are a few more examples that you could do too:


1. Make it easy to give. After you place an order, you get this offer, which lets you send the exact same order to a friend as a gift, for 10% off.  In 30 seconds they get a second sale and impressive word of mouth.

2. Make it easy to share. Customers can send unlimited $5 gift certificates to their friends.  I like the tea, so I tend to recommend it. Friends ask me for the URL, and I can send them $5 instead.  I get nothing out of it but the chance to give my friends a gift and a good recommendation.

3. Make it easy to blog. I can add a simple widget to my blog or Facebook page that lets friends create their own coupons.

Adagio is great at simple word of mouth ideas that are easy to use.  Do stuff like this before you invest in some big expensive viral gimmick.

(Disclosure: I order from them fairly often, and they are fans of this blog, so occasionally they stick a little extra gift in my orders. But I was blogging about them long before we became friends.)

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