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Case Study: The Candy Heart Generator

Happy Valentine’s Day from the wonderfully sad people at Despair Inc.  They are the champs of using humor in marketing.

Check out the Candy Heart Generator


Take some time to study their web site.  It’s full of well-executed word of mouth strategies that you should copy.

1. Commit to the message:  It’s not just that they sell funny stuff. It’s that they are true to the brand, with the humor message woven all they way through every thing they do. You’ll get more word of mouth when your fans know that their friends are going to get a complete experience, not a one-time viral gimmick.

2. Use many tactics:  They do a little of everything.  Blogs, podcasts, ecards, customer-generated content.  You never know what is going to be a big word of mouth hit, so try it all.  Invest a little bit in a lot of things. Test everything you can.  When something viral gets really big…do more of that.

3. Get the little things right:  All those little tell-a-friend forms, "share this" links, and email lists will fundamentally improve pass-along and conversion rates. Do them well.

Check them out, learn, and buy their stuff.  One of my favorites:


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