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CD Baby: Personality Matters

CD Baby helps independent musicians sell their CDs. They are a very popular site, and they get great word of mouth.  Part of their success is the fact that they have a personality.  They are open, human, and fun. 

Take a look at this email forwarded to me by Rob Wolf of That Baby DVD, who is a seller on the site:

Hi Rob – 

I just sent you a direct ACH deposit for $____. It was CD Baby payment #______. If the bank numbers you gave us are correct, it should appear in your account in the next two days. 

Yes it’s good to get paid paid paid paid for making music! 

I hope I write you a million more checks.
I hope you write a million more songs.
I hope you get a million more fans who give you a million kisses all because of CD Baby.

Rob’s Lesson: Business processes are only mundane if you let them be! 

P.S. I’ll be writing a lot more about personality, and Rohit Bhargava’s new book.

P.P.S. Buy this album by Awesome

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