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Revisiting the JetBlue apology

It has been a year since JetBlue made their famous apology for the 2007 flight-cancellation mess.

This public act was an significant moment in consumer respect and corporate responsibility.   Nothing like it has happened before or since.  I think we should take a moment to remember this grand gesture from JetBlue and David Neeleman.

Has any other company you know ever made such a public, sincere apology?  When was the last time you even got a fake "I’m sorry"?

Lesson:  When you are nice to people, when you are human — we’ll like you better, you will thrive, and we will forgive you if you ask us to.


Excerpt from the JetBlue apology letter:

Dear JetBlue Customers,
We are sorry and embarrassed. But most of all, we are deeply sorry.
Last week was the worst operational week in JetBlue’s seven year history. Many of you were either stranded, delayed or had flights canceled following the severe winter ice storm in the Northeast.
You deserved better – a lot better – from us last week and we let you down. Nothing is more important than regaining your trust and all of us here hope you will give us the opportunity to once again welcome you onboard and provide you the positive JetBlue Experience you have come to expect from us.
David Neeleman
Founder and CEO

Read the full letter

Watch the video version.


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