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Combating trade show stress

Here’s great advice from trade show guru Julia O’Connor of Trade Show Training. I’ve been a fan of her newsletter for years.  Subscribe here.


1. PLAN FOR AN 18 HOUR DAY… From arising at 6am to hitting the pillow at midnight, the exhibitor staff must be sharp. This means, watch the booze, get solid sleep, keep breath mints handy, watch the diet – no onions, garlic, smelling spicy things. And don’t come to the show tired because you trying to tie up all the loose ends before you left. Plan your time before and during the show, Sleep on the plane going home. 

2. WATCH YOUR FEET… Not only where you are walking so you don’t trip, but what you put on your feet. Change shoes at least twice a day – a difference in heel height and toe enclosures help. Make sure the shoes are neat, clean and comfy. 

3. PLAN ON CLOTHING… We may comfortable in casual clothes but there are two very important caveats (1) If wearing casual clothes they must be neat and clean every hour of the day (2) Make certain your dress is appropriate for each event. 

4. KNOW THE SCHEDULE…A big stressor is not being in the right place at the right time. Get the directions and schedule beforehand, figure the times – the larger the event, the more traffic congestion, the greater the chance you will be stuck in a traffic jam. And the larger the show, the more people congestion you will run into with registration or just getting to your spot on the floor. 

5. TAKE A BREAK…On the floor, I advise you schedule two hours on, 15 -30 minutes off for food and bathroom breaks. Have a flexible schedule for all staffers, but make sure everyone takes time off the floor to refresh.

Thanks, Julia 

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