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Love to love you baby

Donna Summer summed up the appeal of Guy Kawasaki’s new site when she sang:

When you’re laying so close to me
There’s no place I’d rather you be
Than with me here

I love to love you baby…


Egos at Alltop puts the most popular – and often incendiary – bloggers on one page together.  I’m sure these guys are going to be writing about it, maybe nastily, because no one can resist their own name.  It’s a great strategy to bring people into the Alltop site, which has pages for blogs on all sorts of topics.  But starting with big-deal bloggers is a great way to jump start the conversation.

Why does this work?

Recognition is one of the most powerful generators of word of mouth.  We love it when a company acknowledges our existence, when they comment on our page, when they add us to their blogroll, when they give us a gold star on the message board.

What should you do about it?

Say thank you a lot. Comment on blogs. Mention your favorite customers in your newsletter. Give out VIP cards. Send thank you notes.  Anything that that shows your community that you know they exist.

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