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Competing against your crappiest competitor

When you call on a new prospect — they aren't picturing your awesome stuff.

They are visualizing the worst performance by your lamest competitor. That's what you're selling against.

Your job as a salesperson is to replace that horrible image with an picture of how fantastic your stuff is.

You do that with concrete examples: Testimonials, demonstrations, and facts. You need to do it right away.

Example: We produce really awesome conferences. When we call to sell a tabletop exhibit, potential sponsors are remembering the event they went to last month where they sat by themselves in the hall for 2 days while everyone else enjoyed the conference. We're fighting this image from competing events:


Our exhibitors get great placement right in front of hand-picked buyers. We make sure they know right away that they are in the best spot, in the main conference session, at the center of attention. We need to show them how good it is:



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