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Conferences should get your juices flowing!

Hey, folks: Attending business conferences isn’t just about making contacts and sales.  It’s about  expanding your mind, inspiration, new ideas, and new people.  At least once a year try to get to an unusual event that makes you think.

image I’m attending GEL: Good Experience Live this year, and I’m very excited.  Watch some of the videos from last year. There are plenty of executive speakers, but also artists, performers, chefs, a bridge-building contest, and a food tour of NYC.  Check it out.

You should also attend at least one Unconference this year:  Find your local PodCamp, BarCamp, and Pecha Kucha Night.

I wish I had been at The Up Experience and BIL.

For a raw dose of unfiltered entrepreneurial energy, get to eBay Live.  It doesn’t matter if you sell on eBay – there is no place on earth with more entrepreneurs in one room.  Soak it up.

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