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Make it easy to recommend you

CIMG1402Cow Chip Cookies in Seattle has giant rolls of free stickers by the cash register.

Customers can grab one, stick it on something … and advertise the store every day.

This is a classic of free word of mouth marketing: Make it really, really, really easy for your fans to talk about you. 

Next time you spend a nickel on a web ad, stop and think if there is a  better use for that money.

Lesson:  How can your fans brag about you?  How can you make it easy and spontaneous?

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Make it easy to read: Jeremiah Owyang

image Jeremiah is a top analyst at Forrester Research.  He makes a good living selling expensive research.  But he has fans because he gives it away too. 

The best part:  Jeremiah does a great weekly summary on his blog that is perfectly designed for the busy reader. It delivers just what you need to know, in a variety of formats based on how busy you are. Take a look:

I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly summary, read the summary, then quickly scan headlines, read the bullet, then click to learn even more.

I’ve created a category called Digest (you can see archives) where you can start to track and access these going forward. Quickly scan the succinct and categorized headlines, read summary for analysis, and click link to dive in for more. You can subscribe to this digest tag only, which filters only these posts tagged digest. 

Need to make decisions about your web strategy? I’m here to help: subscribe to my blog, sign up for emails (right nav), follow me on Twitter, I’ll add you back.

The lesson: Want more readers?  Make it easy for them to read how, where, and what they want.

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