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Dell: Redemption through listening

I’ve long been a Dell fan. 

More specifically, a fan of how Dell has become the showcase for how a company can turn around it’s entire reputation by engaging deep with social media, word of mouth, and truly listening to it’s customers.

Today is a big day for them, and for all brands who believe in the power of customer love:

Jeff Jarvis (who started the Dell Hell firestorm) has written an article in business week that says:

In the age of customers empowered by blogs and social media, Dell has leapt from worst to first.

Read the article here.

Here are some previous things I’ve written about them here and here.

(Disclosure: I’m an occasional paid consultant to them. Which sort of proves the point – the companies that bring me in are the ones truly committed to the concept of creating truly happy customers.)

Bonus Video:

Dell’s IdeaStorm is the most amazingly successful customer engagement tool anyone has ever seen. 7000 ideas submitted by customers in just 6 months, with 700,000 page views.

Check it out here and watch my video interview with Caroline Dietz who runs the project.

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