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Email is special: It’s the only advertising that people ask for

Email newsletters are still my favorite single marketing tool.  Why?

Because email newsletters are about a simple bargain: 

  1. Send me something interesting once a week and I'll let you email me forever. 
  2. If you break the deal by sending me a selfish, salesy promotion, then I'll unsubscribe and you can't email me ever again.

All you have to do is write a paragraph or two every week that's worth a minute of your readers' time (and put your sales copy in the sidebar). Do this and you're guaranteed 52 contacts every year. On top of that, a simple interesting newsletter is the most viral content ever invented.

It's really not hard. Put a subscribe form on your site and send out a how-to tip each week.  We launched the Big Business Blogging newsletter and have 2400 subscribers after 14 weeks. Sign up here.

Congratulations to two of our clients:

  • PLI who are celebrating the 6th anniversary of their BtoB email newsletters, with 25,000 readers, mostly lawyers
  • TiVo, who has more than 1,000,000 subscribers since that first issue on Nov 21, 2001
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