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Email plus blogs

By now you’ve noticed that I send a weekly email newsletter … which I also post to the blog. (The posts that start with a # are also email newsletters. Archives here.)  They work really well together.

The newsletter started in 2001 (88 issues so far), the blog is a recent addition.   I’m a HUGE fan of opt in, 100% clean, permission-based email newsletters.  There is nothing more viral, nothing that gets more word of mouth.

They work really well together.

13 reasons why blogs and email newsletters work great together

  1. Give readers a choice. Some people like blogs, some like email, some like RSS.
  2. Emails are an reminder. The arrival of a message triggers action and sends people to the blog.
  3. It’s easier to read email on a blackberry.
  4. Blogs enable conversation, emails don’t. Repost the email to your blog so people can comment.
  5. Emails are timed by the sender. It’s read when you send it.
  6. Blogs are timed by the reader. They read at their leisure.
  7. Blogs are the perfect email archive.
  8. Emails tell you who is reading, opening, clicking.
  9. Blogs tell you when people are engaged through comments and links.
  10. Emails are viral. They forward incredibly quickly and easily.
  11. Blogs spread virally through search, social bookmarking, and community sites.
  12. Email (should be) brief.
  13. Blogs (can be) deep.

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