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Employees rewarding each other

rpMatt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path, is a damn good CEO.  Read his blog.

Take a look at Return Path’s employee rewards program.  It’s such a classic that I’m shamelessly copying the whole thing.  The best part: employees are encouraged to give rewards to each other.


If you see something, say something! Catch your colleagues doing something great and let the rest of the company know.  You can submit as many awards as you need, as often as you see someone who deserves one

Return Path has a strong culture of respect and appreciation, and as such, we have an active employee-generated awards program run through the Company’s Intranet.  Every employee is encouraged to recognize the great work of colleagues at any time, for any reason.  We currently offer 4 types of awards, which carry a cash equivalent value ranging from $25 to $200.  All awards are reviewed and approved by Human Resources and are subject to withholdings. 

  • Double-E (Everyday Excellence) is designed for us to recognize those who demonstrate excellence and pride in their daily work.  This award is worth $25. 
  • WOOT! (Working Out Of Title) is designed for us to recognize those who offer assistance that is not part of their job responsibilities. This award is worth $25. 
  • The Blue Light Special is designed for us to recognize anyone who comes up with a clever way to save the company money.  This award is worth $25. 
  • ABCD (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) is designed for us to recognize the outstanding work of our colleagues who go Above and Beyond their duties and exemplify exactly what Return Path is about.  This award is worth $100. 
  • Crowbar is designed for us to recognize anyone who assists a member of the Sales team in prying our way into a revenue-generating account, including but not limited to the Visible Path system.  This award is worth $200.
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