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Five Moms: Are you helping people talk about your cause?

If you have a cause – you have one core action item:  Get people to
tell their friends about you.  Everything else flows from that —
ability to raise money, recruit volunteers, achieve your mission — everything.

But most non-profits are boring.  Same cookie-cutter fundraisers, direct mail letters, etc.

I love what Five Moms is doing.  The group was founded by moms who wanted to stop teen cough medicine abuse. 

Everything about the experience is clear and focused:

Take a look at how many action requests there are on the home page …
with "Tell Your Friends" front and center. It’s right smack in the middle of the every page.   Offline, they arm you with everything you need – fliers, sticker, buttons.  If you want to tell a friend, they make it easy. (Great execution by Edelman
on lots of this.)

Lesson: How easy is it for your supporters to tell a friend?

Watch my video interview:

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