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Free Book Contest: Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam

You absolutely have to read Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam.  It’s one of the most fascinating books I’ve read.  You’ll learn how to share ideas, sell more, and rally people to your cause.

We’ve got 10 copies to give away.

To enter the contest – tell a friend about the book.  Use the form below and share this post. Every time you tell a friend, you get another entry.*  We’ll pick 10 winners at random and mail out the books next week.**

About the book: 

Used properly, a simple drawing on a humble napkin can help crystallize ideas and communicate in a way that people simply get. In this book, I show how thinking with pictures can help anyone discover and develop new ideas, solve problems, and improve our ability to share our insights. 

"The Back of the Napkin" shows us how to use visual thinking to solve every kind of business problem everyday. 

Here’s my first attempt to use what I learned from the book:


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