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Jamie Oliver’s Word of Mouth Ministry

image Chef Jamie Oliver wants to sell his new book called “Ministry of Food” — but he also wants to create a movement around the idea of healthy cooking.

Study this web site to see the excellent, simple execution of a word of mouth campaign

  1. A Purpose: Help people become healthier and less obese by teaching them to cook.
  2. A Call to Action: Teach two of your friends how to cook, and ask them to teach two of their friends how to cook.
  3. A Simple Tool: The well-designed website makes it easy to invite multiple friends
  4. imageFeedback: Turn a one-time referral into an ongoing movement by letting sharers see their message spread. Take a look at the “Pass It On Chain” to see how users are shown how many friends are participating (click the image for a close-up).

Visit the site

(Thanks for the tip, Intan!)

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