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From the new edition of my book: Word of mouth case study — FreshBooks

Over on our GasPedal blog, You Can Be a Word of Mouth Supergenius!, we highlighted a new case study from the revised edition of my book each day last week.

This case study focuses on FreshBooks and how they've now got great word of mouth as a result of trying lots of different little things. Just like advertising, in word of mouth you never know which talkers and topics will kick off a big conversation — but the advantage with WOM is that you don't need to spend any real money until after you know it's working.

Here's a few things highlighted in the FreshBooks case study:

  • Saul saw me writing about a mustard he loved from Toronto (where
    FreshBooks is based) and mailed me some, even though we'd never met.
    Why? Because he knew I was a talker.
  • The FreshBooks team drove an RV between conferences in Miami and
    Austin instead of flying, having breakfast, lunch, and dinner with
    everyone they could. They met 1,500 customers in ten days.
  • At a conference, they passed out 1,000 hangover kits, had employees
    in company shirts acting as volunteer doormen, held a pancake breakfast
    in the parking lot, and used their RV to shuttle people from party to

To see the full case study, click here.

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