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From the new edition of my book: Word of mouth case study — Microsoft

Over on our GasPedal blog, You Can Be a Word of Mouth Supergenius!, we're highlighting a new case study from the revised edition of my book each day this week.

Today's case study focuses on Microsoft and how their MVP program has been successfully energizing talkers long before blogs and social media.

Here's a few of the word of mouth lessons from the program:

  1. Find the talkers. Microsoft surfs the message boards, blogs,
    communities, and offline events to find the most engaged and credible
    talkers. They look for people who love a particular piece of software
    and are the kind of personalities who love to help other people.
  2. Surprise them. MVPs get a letter announcing that they have
    been selected. They also get a keepsake box with the surprise gift of
    the year, usually something to show off, like a computer bag or a desk
    set. The gift has become legend, generating tons of anticipation and
  3. Make them feel special. Microsoft will send a letter to
    three people on behalf of the MVP program, announcing the prestigious
    award. MVPs have these letters sent to their bosses, college admissions
    officers, and spouses. And the MVPs credit these letters for getting
    them promotions, into college, and a little more peace at home.

To see the full case study as well as how to win a copy of the book, click here.

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