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The little things get people talking

CIMG3634 As a professional speaker, I've seen every sort of meeting room and podium.  Nothin' special.

But I was teaching my Word of Mouth Crash Course at the University of Chicago's Gleacher Center, and stumbled on something that got everyone talking: Push one button on the podium and an AV tech comes running to help.

That little thing was so cool that the entire class was talking about it. It is a great facility, with great food, but we knew that already. But that one little feature was all it took to get a room full of people ready to tell someone what they saw.

When you're trying to get some word of mouth, don't overlook the simple, special things you do every day. You're used to it, you don't notice it anymore, but your customers will still think it's special.

Lesson: Take a moment to reexamine what you do. Find that one cool special thing you've always done and use it to get people talking.

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